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Ladders cause approximately 164,000 hospital treated injuries and 300 deaths per year.

We present a device that could help prevent this from happening to you.

LadderLatch is a fastened extended ladder component that can be mounted temporarily or permanently to the edge of any commercial/industrial buildings wood blocking. The device attaches any approved extension ladder, and secures the ladder from displacement.

For years we struggled with the shortcomings of traditional ladder safety setups

The extended hand rails extend 39” over the upper landing surface that allow you to walk through the hand rails, which means no more need to step around the edges of the ladder. This device provides a safe transition from ladder to landing surface.

Ladder Latch is:

Kit Includes:

Instructions for use:

  1. Scrape roof surface of all stones, rock, slag, etc., in area you are mounting the
  2. Verify that the placement of the LadderLatch is not near any electrical lines, is not blocking any fire exit doors, and it is on level ground for secure deployment of the ladder.
  3. Once the LadderLatch is safely brought to the roof, place the device approximately 1” away from the roofing edge.
  4. Then apply a water block or butyl tape on the bottom side of the base plate. (Be sure that there is enough water block or butyl tape to cover the entire surface once pressed onto the roof)
  5. Fasten the device to the wood blocking using all fastening holes using ½ x 3 ¼ Spax T Star Washer head powerlag HCR fastener
  6. Fasteners. (Be sure to tightly fasten)
  7. Once the LadderLatch is secured to the building, Latch your Ladder onto the device and begin use.
  8. (For permanent placement please see your manufacturers rep for flash in details)
Dimensions Box

Gravel Stop

Height: 12”
Length: 42”
Width: 30”
Weight: 27.5lbs

Gutter Mount:

Height: 18.5”
Length: 44”
Width: 30”
Weight: 34lbs


6061 non-corrosive Grade Aluminum
Schedule 80 pipe
3/8ths thick aluminum base plate