What’s Ladder Latch

For anyone who is uncomfortable climbing ladders, this makes it safe.

Ladder Latch is a fastened extended ladder component that securely attaches any approved ladder. The extended hand rails extend 39” over upper landing surface. The extended hand rails allow you to walk through the hand rails. No need to step around the edges of the ladder.  Provides a safe transition from ladder to landing surface.
The Ladder Latch secures ladder from displacement.
Ladder Latch meets OSHA required standard  CFR 1910.23 (c)(7)(i) and CFR 1910 (c)(11)
man fitting pipe
man pulling pipe
man holding pipe

OSHA Compliant

Ladder Latch meets OSHA required standard CFR 1910.23 (c)(7)(i) and CFR 1910 (c)(11


Made in the USA

Ladder Latch was designed and is manufactured in the USA.


Flexible Usage

Can be used as a Permanent mount or removable component with easy assembly and disassembly.


Cross Industry

From Firefighting to construction sites, Ladder Latch is used across multiple industries.

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How Ladder
Latch Works

It’s time we make climbing ladders safe.

Apply water block to the underside of the mounting plate.


Fasten metal mounting plate using heavy deck screws. (no tap nails). Fasten into secured wood blocking.


Prime mounting plate.


Apply liquid flashing. Follow roofing manufactures liquid flashing specifications

Customers Love Ladder Latch

Isaiah M

Amazing by how seamless the installation process was. Great item to keep my workers safer while using a ladder.

Ideal Roofing, LLC

Mike B

The only item on the market that actually secures a ladder in place. Gives me a peace of mind knowing it’s OSHA compliant

Total Roofing Systems Inc.

It’s time we make climbing
ladders safe.