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Roof Hatch Ladder Aurora IL

Roof Hatch Ladder Aurora IL

Did you know that every year there are approximately t64,000 people across the nation who receive medical treatment for a ladder-related injury?*

Furthermore, statistics on workplace safety also indicate that there are as many as 300 fatalities each year from ladder-related falls. The costs of improper ladder usage with respect to health, medical costs And lost productivity can be significant.

That’s why it’s so important for businesses to require routine training on Roof Hatch Ladder Aurora IL use – and the use of other types of ladders – to ensure their personnel are aware of the potential risks and the ways to minimize them.

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The following safety tips apply for most commercial ladder types, including Roof Hatch Ladder Aurora IL:

Prior to even stepping on a ladder at a job site, take a look at the surrounding environment. Ensure that the job site is secure and free of debris, including the area where the ladder is positioned—whether it’s a Roof Hatch Ladder Aurora IL or on the ground.

If it the ladder is on the ground, check for any objects that might affect the ladder’s stability like wet or slick areas on concrete, soft areas on the grass or ground, patches of loosened gravel or any type of debris. The key is ensuring the ladder will not be at risk of sliding or shifting out of position. Take a “test” step once the ladder is in position to confirm it is secure and capable of supporting your weight.

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Avoid setting your ladders on any uneven surfaces. Also, avoid setting ladders where they block a doorway, entryway or might be in the path of foot or vehicle traffic. If necessary, move vehicles and block off the area to prevent any vehicles or people from entering the work area.

Regardless of the type of ladder you’ll be using at your location, give it a close inspection to check to hooks, rails and rungs for any signs of defects or damage. In the event you do spot something, do not use the ladder. Label it with a “out of order” tag and ensure that it’s set aside so no one will try to use it.

In addition, check for grease or oil on the ladder rungs that might increase the risk of slipping. If you’re working on Roof Hatch Ladder Aurora IL, be sure to use a correctly installed Ladder Latch for effective support. For other ladder types, never rest them on the eaves or gutters of a roof as the single means of supporting it.

Defects to check for in various ladder types:

-When using fiberglass ladders, inspect it closely for any cracks. If fairly small, it may be possible to seal the cracks with epoxy. Aluminum ladders can be more vulnerable to bends and dents, so keep an eye out for any signs of damage before every use.

When using a wood ladder, be sure to carefully check for any indications of weakness or wood rot. Wood ladders aren’t typically as long-lasting due to the material’s tendency to deteriorate over time, particularly when exposed to weather. Wood ladders should not be painted because it could inadvertently conceal any signs of deterioration.

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*Source: International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.