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Roof Access Ladders Chicago

Roof Access Ladders Chicago

If you’re not comfortable using Roof Access Ladders Chicago for work projects around your home or you’d like to improve the safety of your next job site, Ladder Latch is the solution!

An extended, attached component, Ladder Latch safely attaches to most types of commercial Roof Access Ladders Chicago. It features a handrail that extends thirty-nine inches over upper landing surfaces. This simple but effective device allows the user to step right through the handrails. That means no more need for stepping around the edges of a ladder and increasing the risk of a fall. Ladder Latch provides a safe and easy transition from the ladder to the landing surface while also ensuring the ladder remains in place.

Been a while since you need to use a ladder for a home improvement project? As is the case with any activity that involves working at an elevated height, safety is key. Here’s a refresher on how to safely use a ladder:

-Always verify that the ladder is properly secured before using it.

-Face directly toward the ladder.

-Be sure that your remains body centered in between the side rails.

-Maintain three points of contact by either keeping both feet and one hand or both hands and one foot upon the ladder at all times.

-Maintain a firm grip on the side rails.

-Wear footwear that’s in adequate condition. Clean footwear of mud, ice, grease or snow before climbing the ladder.

-When climbing the ladder, put feet securely upon the center of each rung.

-Wear footwear that has heels to prevent your feet from sliding forward as you’re climbing the ladder.

Improve the Safety of Your Roof Access Ladders Chicago with Ladder Latch!

-It’s a sign you are too high on the ladder when your knees are over the top of it or if you’re not able to maintain a firm grip on the ladder.

-Lower or lift materials and tools with a bucket, hoist or other safe device.

-When using any type of extension ladder, always be careful when gripping or stepping near the locks because they may obscure some of the rung.

-Only one person should use a ladder at a single time. Wait until the person steps off the ladder until the next person uses it.

-Have someone hold the bottom of the ladder, particularly when attaching an extension.

-As needed, use appropriate safety equipment such as safety belts or fall restraints. Check the requirements at location if working at elevated heights over ten feet. Confirm that any ties or harnesses are not interfering with safe movement while you’re on the ladder.

-Work from the ladder’s center. If you are not able to reach what you need, always climb down the ladder and re-position it.

-Do not attempt to “walk” a ladder while on it.

-Don’t use equipment – like a crowbar or pry bar – that requires a lot of leverage because the movement could cause loss of balance.

-Avoid standing, sitting or climbing on the ladder’s top two rungs or pail shelf.

-Don’t allow anyone to work or stand directly below a ladder.

There’s no doubt that commercial Roof Access Ladders Chicago are very useful in a wide variety of industries and for multiple applications. Ladders are manufactured from materials like wood, steel, plastic and aluminum. Aluminum ladders, for instance, are a popular choice because they’re relatively lightweight and are resistant to corrosion. A lot of industries choose metal ladders because of their durability.

Roof Access Ladders Chicago are designed to provide secure support for a specific weight limit. Before selecting a ladder, you’ll first want to consider the amount of weight your projects will require. Also, consider the weight of your equipment and personnel. Knowing these amounts will help you calculate a safe maximum load capacity to find ladders that will meet your requirements.

Ladder Latch is an ideal solution for securing ladders – order now at 630-512-1018.

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