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Ladder Stabilizer Aurora IL

Ladder Stabilizer Aurora IL

A fixed ladder is a type of non-self-supporting equipment with a length that’s non-adjustable. It permanently attaches to a structure usually at a pitch that ranges from sixty to ninety degrees from the horizontal. (The ideal pitch for a fixed ladder is typically between seventy-five and ninety degrees.)

Fixed ladders are considered at a substandard pitch when installed at an angle that’s between sixty and seventy-five degrees from horizontal. A fixed ladder at a pitch over ninety degrees is not recommended.

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Owning or managing a business means you’ll need to practice effective, clear communication and always be ready to solve problems. That’s not all, though: common challenges when it comes to maintaining a facility require that you’ll have the proper equipment that provides your employees with safe and reliable access to high, tough-to-reach spaces.

Equipment such as fixed ladders that enable roof accessibility can mean all the difference between reliable maintenance and preventable repairs. Plus, the right type of Ladder Stabilizer Aurora IL equipment like Ladder Latch can also help ensure your site remains in compliance with safety regulations in your industry and while keeping your employees productive and – most importantly – safe.

When to inspect a fixed ladder:

-Be sure to inspect any fixed ladders at your work site prior to each use.

-Fixed ladders should receive an inspection periodically and at least yearly. Inspections might be necessary more often depending on your company’s requirements or the fixed ladder’s exposure to the elements such as salt, snow, ice and rain.

-Report any defects promptly and maintain records of each inspection.

What to look for while inspecting roof access ladders:

-Worn, damaged or loose side rails or rungs.

-Corrosion or other signs of damage to the cage, rivets, guard or bolts.

-Signs of damage or corrosion on the brackets or handrails.

-Loose or broken anchorages.

-Damaged or weakened rungs on concrete slabs or bricks.

-Any defects on climbing devices such damaged or loosened ropes or carrier rails.

-Slick surfaces from ice, paint or oil.

-Any clutter that obstructs the base of the ladder.

What to avoid while climbing up or down a fixed ladder:

-Do not climb a fixed ladder if your shoes are muddy or wet, which could increase your risk of slipping and falling.

-Avoid carrying any tools or supplies in your hands while climbing a ladder. Carry smaller tools in a secure tool pouch.

-Don’t jump off a ladder, even if you’re near the ground. Check your footing before going down a ladder.

-Do not slide down or rush while using a ladder. When climbing a ladder above ten feet, consider using fall protection and the benefits of a Ladder Stabilizer Aurora IL.

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Do not use the product if freezing rain, snow or ice has accumulated on any part of your Ladder Latch or the ladder you plan to use. Also, do not use the product when the is a potential for thunderstorms, lightning, sleet, high winds or other hazardous weather events within approximately miles of your work site.

Should any inclement conditions develop while you are using Ladder Latch, return to ground level as you soon as you can safely do so.